Modern aspects of updating international standards of series ISO/IEC 27000

Yuliia Kozhedub


The paper presents and analyzes new information about the modern aspects of standardization of information technology security techniques, covered the work of experts of technical standardization committees for the creation and updating of international standards on information security management system, sets an example, experts talk about the standardizing technical proposals and methods for solving problems in information security with help of years of practice, implemented in a series of international standards, found that the root cause of hard work Standardization Technical Experts on updating ISO/IEC 27000 was to update ISO/IEC 9000. This work resulted in harmonizing the provisions of standards ISO/IEC 27000 series and the new work experts on information technology security techniques with the fundamentals of management systems, which principles are laid and announced by the latest standards. These principles are known and constitute the methodological basis of international standards on the management system, namely, the process approach, the PDCA cycle and thinking on the risk based. The provisions of the revised standards and the standards that will be published by the ISO in the future, lies in the fact that the process approach – is the systematic identification and management processes, as well as their interaction in order to achieve the desired results in accordance with established policies and strategic direction organization. Process control and system as a whole can be achieved using the PDCA cycle with the general emphasis thinking on the risk based, aimed at seizing opportunities and prevent unwanted results.


Стандарти; стандартизація; інформаційні технології; методи безпеки інформаційних технологій; системи управління інформаційною безпекою; технічний комітет.


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ISSN 2411-1031 (Print), ISSN 2518-1033 (Online)