Analysis system clock radio reset with a frequency hopping spread spectrum

Serhii Vasylenko


Obsolete and outdated noise immunity and immunity of radio communication equipment in conditions of jamming requires the development and introduction of the anti-interference means a new generation of radio. One of the most effective methods to increase the noise immunity of radio links is the use of broadband radio systems with a frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS). A necessary condition for good reception and processing of signals with FHSS, there is a precise synchronization pseudo-random sequence (PRS) receiver and transmitter. This synchronization is achieved by aligning the PRS at the receiving side, and keeping this state during operation. Matching PRS transmitter and receiver, as well as the task of finding a signal in the time-frequency uncertainty assigned to the synchronization system. The algorithm of the synchronization of the system is determined by the synchronization methods used in this system, and the rules for their implementation. The paper deals with a typical algorithm of the receiver synchronization system with FHSS, which is presented in the form of “search-seizure-track” strategy. In accordance with the synchronization algorithm is presented a generalized block diagram of the synchronization subsystem RCS with FHSS. Considered as an example of a typical timing diagram of the algorithm acquisition synchronization radiostation with FHSS, in which two options are detailed variances starting time of the receiver relative to the transmitter.


Cистема радіозв’язку; широкосмугові сигнали; псевдовипадкове переналаштування робочої частоти; система синхронізації.


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ISSN 2411-1031 (Print), ISSN 2518-1033 (Online)