Quantitative evaluation of reliability of the software-controlled communications

Serhii Hnatiuk, Lev Sakovych, Yevhen Ryzhov


The article proposes a method of estimating and forecasting of the values of reliability indicators of program-controlled means of communication to ensure the effective functioning of the communication system in real conditions of its operation. It is designated to study the effect of the quality of the software communication system on the resistance to use procedures indicators quantifying software reliability, hardware and system that can be practically implemented. The results allow: to increase the objectivity of the evaluation of the values of indicators of hardware and software reliability by reducing the standard deviation of the simulation results of the statistical data on failures; quantify the reliability of the program-controlled means of communication taking into account the presence of bugs in software. Scientific novelty of the technique is that first, improved method of estimation of reliability indices of special connection towards consideration of the reliability of their software through the use of new analytical model changes their reliability over time; comprehensively implemented quantitative calculation of indicators of reliability of hardware and software in the quantitative evaluation factor preparedness program-controlled communications. It differs from the known, to the specific procedure of fixing failures depending on operating conditions; lack of necessary preliminary estimation errors in software; enough to practice accuracy of results; automation of assessment and prediction of quality parameters program-controlled communication means. The method can be used in research, evaluation and reliability analysis of existing and future software-driven communications.


Reliability; quantitative evaluation of reliability; computer driven communication means; mathematical models of software reliability; software tool error.


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