Use of keyboard handwriting in systems of the user authentication

Viktor Yevetskyi, Ivan Horniichuk


Questions of biometric characteristics using for increase efficiency of user authentication are briefly considered in article. The identifier using biometric characteristics is inseparably linked with the user, and it is illegally almost impossible to use it. As biometric characteristics appropriate to use the keyboard handwriting.  Keyboard handwriting, or a text typing rhythm, displays a text typing method on the keyboard, inherent only to the specific user. Furthermore it is quite simple to implement and requires no additional hardware costs. As a key text it is advisable to use a password. Moreover, the use of handwriting keyboard when entering your password eliminates the main disadvantages of the classic password systems and systems based on access cards. The description of the developed program for practical use of keyboard handwriting is given. The program except decision making allows to make collecting of statistical material for the subsequent analysis. Use of the program does not cause inconveniences to the user. The program provides maintenance log, which records and stores the date and time of login, username, the number of errors made when entering the password, time and authorization result. The magazine is used for the monitoring of user access. The statistical data obtained by means of the developed program will allow to make number of estimates: informational content of separate characteristics of keyboard handwriting and their different sets, stability in time of characteristics of keyboard handwriting, influence of physical and emotional status of the user on characteristics of his handwriting and others.


Біометричні характеристики; автентифікація користувача; клавіатурний почерк; парольна автентифікація; програма допуску користувача.


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