Probability of intercept single hop transmitter with frequency hopping spread spectrum using search receiver

Serhii Vasylenko


Doing modern warfare is closely linked with a number of spaced reconnaissance, control and fire damage. At the same time an integral part of such complex systems is the use of highly reliable radio link control. One of the most effective methods of increasing the noise immunity of radio jamming when exposed to the use of frequency hopping spread spectrum technology. The article discusses the probability of intercept singles hops transmitter using a searcher receiver for a single trial. As a result of research submitted analytical expressions to calculate the probability of interception of single hops of frequency hopping spread spectrum transmitter using search receivers of Rohde & Schwarz.

Keywords: communication channel, noise immunity, jump frequency, frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS), the probability of interception, a searcher receiver.


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ISSN 2411-1031 (Print), ISSN 2518-1033 (Online)