Method for quality evaluation of trit pseudorandom sequence to cryptographic applications

Serhii Hnatiuk, Tetiana Zhmurko, Vasyl Kinzeriavyi, Nurhul Seilova


Developments in quantum cryptography are carried by almost all major western telecommunication companies and research centers. Rapid development led to a significant expansion of the protocols range. From viewpoint of information capacity the most effective protocols for quantum cryptography system is trit systems. However, there is a problem of developing trit pseudorandom sequences generators and assessing their quality. This is because random and pseudo-random sequence generated by different generators for cryptographic applications must be tested by probabilistic and statistical methods. However, the vast majority of known techniques focused on testing generators pseudorandom binary sequences, so confirm pseudorandom generated trit sequences using them is almost impossible. Also there are not existed software and methods of such sequences assessment and arises the task of method developing for evaluation the quality of ternary pseudorandom sequences to evaluate the feasibility of using them for cryptographic applications. That method was developed in this paper and it is based on the approach used in NIST STS.

Keywords: quantum cryptography, trit, qutrit, pseudorandom sequence, pseudorandom sequences generator, quality assessment.


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