Analytical geometry approach for information security risks analyses

Volodymyr Mokhor, Vitalii Bezshtanko, Serhii Honchar, Hryhorii Kravtsov, Ihor Kotsiuba, Olha Kruk, Oleksander Makarevych, Yevhen Maksymenko, Vasyl Tsurkan


The main objective of the paper is to present new approach to assessment of complex risk in the process of creation of the information security management systems and design of systems of information protection. Main idea of the presented approach is based on the interpretation of properties of the plane equation in relevant three-dimensional space of primary probabilities. It opens up fresh opportunities for simple calculation of quantitative characteristics of complex risks and indicates the way of future investigations of complex risks reflected into analytic geometry models.

Keywords: equation of plane, complex risk, primary risks of information security, probability, harm.

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