The system of providing authorship protection for digital photo

Ihor Yakoviv, Andrii Davydiuk, Ihor Kulykivskyi


In conditions of information-psychological war against Ukraine, the neсessity in creating new means of authenticity and proof of information authorship on digital carrier increases. In manipulative materials which have a connect with different areas of our life and distributed in the Internet, often alien digital photos with the context, which distorts the real events according to interested in successful manipulation side. Mechanisms of operational confirmation (determination) of authorship can properly estimate the reliability of such materials as in social that in technical areas. The article presents one way to confirm digital photos authorship. The idea of this approach has a place in creation of certification and verification centres for digital photo. In the certificationcentre, the digital photo is analyzed and the unique digital sequence is made, this sequence is saved in database of certification centre. In the situation when you want to verify authorship in verification centre of digital photo, the unique digital sequence of digitalphoto, which is verified, is comparedwith data based in database of certification centre and the decision about authorship of digital photo is made. Therefore, in this article the existing approaches for authorship protection are analyzed. The new system of authorship protection, which consists of certification and verification centres, is offered. In addition, information processes, which have a place in centres and rules of decision making about digital photo authorship, are presented. This approach can also be used for the forensics examination procedures and other areas of digital photos application (e.g., photo stocks, social networks, web sources, which use photographic content).


Protection of authorship, digital photo, information and functional analysis, unique digital sequence, comparison of digital images, similarity index, information security.


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