Availability government web resources monitoring system

Oleksii Misnik, Mykhailo Antonishyn


The constant increase in the role of information technology leads to the denial of the traditional paper workflow for electronic. With the increase used of electronic documents increases and interest for this electronic  documents from various people and many hacker groups, also the intelligence services of other countries. The most destructive influence befalls government web-resources. To prevent such exposure is provided primarily inviolability of their integrity and availability. To control the accessibility government web resources used monitoring systems. However, there are no guidelines for the selection of software systems and, consequently, the isolation of their best and worst. Therefore, constant monitoring the availability of government web resources offered to carry through the development of monitoring systems based solution Nagios. This is due to the ability to store settings in configuration files, a simple file format, ease of configuration using any recording tools, and lots of plugins to extend functionality. The process of finding domain names government web resources using automated scripting language Bash. This system is aimed at solving such problems as the definition of early attacks “denial of service” display technical problems on servers which operate a Web resource; mapping software problems working web resource. This will be possible to ensure continuous monitoring of the availability of government web resources and quick information about the beginning of an attack on them or their technical malfunction.


Information; availability; web resource; software; monitoring; monitoring system; Nagios.


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