Building protection systems on the basis of information multilevel hierarchical model

Serhii Toliupa, Oleksandr Uspenskyi


At the modern stage of the development in the field of information technology it is still impossible to provide the software information security over the whole information system for lack of practical decisions in the market, which should work for organizing integrated information security systems in particular. So nowadays, in our opinion, the ultimate solution is to organize exactly these complex information security systems, developed on basis of hierarchical multilevel model. Obviously, it is generally possible to organize the integrated information security system, but only with limitless resources of the project. Therefore, a reasonable and, what is the most important, sufficient compromise between functional group of the system and aggregate value of its construction and exploitation is required to be found in practice. According to the suggested model, the security problem may be solved through delimitation of requirements and functionality for each of information security system levels naturally with reference to every group of the information resources and security tools. It is possible to put it into practice, because within the limits of one level requirements to information security are determined. One of the main advantages of presenting information security system as a hierarchy of functionally independent levels is significant simplification of system design, because the designing of one multifunctional and complex system may be divided into several finished stages of designing far less complicated systems for every level taken separately and for the finishing operation in order to control the security system integrity by stepping from one level to another. The suggested system approach enables to reduce time for information security system development and to offer a customer a really ultimate and reasonable decision at the same time.


Protection reporting purposes, information technology, security model, the integrity of system protection.


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